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    I am a designer // motionographer // editor // and friendly face, with roots in NYC currently living in Columbus.

    Illustration and art pointed me in the direction of the creative industry, curiosity and amazing mentors along the way pushed me to experiment. My approach to messaging, strategy and structure quickly evolved. Jumping right into design didn’t feel natural anymore. Sketching out ideas, bouncing them off of others, learning from my failures to build gems was my new shtick. I found teamwork to be the key to any idea with legs and the best way to deliver that message in a relatable way.

    MY GOAL? To make the world a little more open, friendly, and intuitive.

    You know... A BETTER PLACE TO LIVE.

Re-introducing Colfax Fluid Handling to the market –

Colfax wanted to be recognized as a go to fluid handling supplier. They deal in all aspects be it a pump, service, technology or industry
you were specifically looking for. Though they have a number of well respect brands under their umbrella,
customers were not associating with the Colfax brand. We were tasked with changing this perception.